International Caritas Consortium

Personal, deeply personal message and greeting from Jean to all who enter this path, this site:

I welcome you to this website and to this secret revelation of Human Caring and Love as the source for sustaining self, society, systems, healing for humans, humanity, and life itself as we know it.

I just had an image of being in a field of daisies, connecting with a vast open space, with the sun shining through, just skipping in the open field, free and one with nature. I invite you to join me into this vibrant, radiant field of daisies, flowers and light, with nature and beauty all around, allowing ourselves to open to the beauty of life, our ‘life’s livings’ – the present moment where we experience, honor and connect with the most joyous, spontaneous depths for our shared humanity. It is here we find our human- to- human connectedness with the Infinite field of the Universe. Levinas refers to this as the ‘Cosmic Infinite field of Universal Love’ – the true Source for Self – Planetary Survival, the Source for sustaining Human Caring/Connectedness, and Healing, the return to the Heart of our humanity.

From my inner image, I transpose myself and this work to embrace all who come into this field with me; but now the field is One – one that unites the physical and non-physical, the virtual – just like caring itself.. But a field that is radiant, wondrous, full of abundance, mystery, and unfolding Love – inviting us to envision and embrace and Be/Become, the evolved human, whereby we embrace the spirit of our deepest joyous self and the spirit of each other, uniting our shared humanity in the spacious field that connects us, rather than separates us.

From this space, this place – I open to your heart-felt calls, your longings, you hurts and struggles, which are mine. I open to another layer of consciousness; I am here to now be a witness and a bearer/ a wearer of the Light of Caring, of Love, of Healing, that we bring to this work and this world at this critical turn in humanity and our times.

So, from this open field, this open space and clearing of pure Energy, please let me hear from you. Join me and all others who are committed to his deeper depth of our evolved humanity, which transcends time, space, physicality as we have known it. Please bear witness with me and million others who are now committed to ‘Being/Becoming the Ones we have been waiting for’, in the Native American visions.

All who chose this deeper path of Truth, we come together into this open field of possibilities to clear energetic space where miracles of inner and outer Caring and Healing occur for ourselves, for our loved ones, for our colleagues, our patients, our human and world condition.

It is in the spirit of virtual and real Caritas Heart-felt Loving Connections that this shared and connected website of the International Caritas Consortium with the Watson Caring Science Institute welcomes you.

I welcome you, and we jointly welcome each other with our shared commitment and dedication to this deeper work we offer to the world – that is our shared creativity, our humility to bow before that which is greater than us, to lead us forward, to sustain caring , our humanity, and ultimately ourselves in the midst of this changing worldview upon us all.

Thus, while the International Caritas Consortium grew from its grass roots origin, to an expanding organic gathering of those devoted to this deeper work, the Watson Caring Science Institute was birthed, to give more life, more vitality, more visibility, more tangible evidence, offering support and programs to deepen, expand, and sustain the grass roots momentum.

Please take a moment to review the ICC Charter (still in draft, so help us co-create it), of the International Caritas Consortium, while also engaging in the new Watson Caring Science Institute, which is a tangible non-profit body, formed to further this work, to be a vehicle for programs, projects and scholarship; an Institute inspired and supported by myself and all individuals and systems who are dedicated and devoted to restoring, sustaining and radiating human Heart-Centered Living, and our evolved humanity through our Caritas Consciousness field we radiate into our persona;/professional life work/world.

Finally, I open my heart, my inner self, my vulnerability, my joy and life work/world to each of you, to enter this open field of metaphorical daisies and sunlight, to dance openly with wonder, and joy – manifesting/radiating an energetic Caritas Field of Love and Caring, to help co-create a moral community of caring-healing in our life and world. Into this open space of what is often institutional or system or societal darkness, we become. We are the Light, for another way, beyond what is, but what wants to be – longs and yearns to be in our heart and our souls and our Planet Earth, our Universe. So, finally and openly, I say in the words of Maya Angelou: “Good morning” and Welcome to this new field of Caring, Healing and Universal Love.

The International Caritas Consortium is supported and sponsored by the growing number of educational and health care settings transforming their practices, their students, faculty, practitioners and their systems by implementing new professional practice models. These Human Caring Science Models are informed and deepened by the values, ethic, and moral ideals of human caring and heart-centered living, along with the philosophy, theory and sciences that manifest in our daily relationships.

  • The ICC emerged as a safe refuge and forum to explore, create, renew self and system through reflective time out.
  • It is intended to provide and intimate forum to restore and deepen each person’s and each system’s commitment and authentic practices of human caring-healing in our personal/professional life and work;
  • Learn from each other through shared work of original scholarship, diverse forms of caring inquiry and model caring-healing practices;
  • Mentor self and others in using, extending the Theory of Human Caring to transform education and clinical practices.;
  • Share ideas, inspire each other and learn together;
  • Develop and disseminate Caring Science models of clinical and educational scholarship and professional excellence in various settings in the world.

Caritas Processes for Computer Documentation

The processes listed below are for those who are incorporating the Caritas Processes into their computerized documentation systems and care plans. These standards were presented by Susan Rosenberg, Marian Turkel and Linda Ryan and approved by Watson Caring Science. We have identified both the 40 character limit and 16 character limit standardized condensed versions.

40 Character Limit

  1. Practice Loving Kindness
  2. Instill Faith and Hope
  3. Cultivate Sensitivity
  4. Develop a Helping Trusting Relationship
  5. Express Positive and Negative Feelings
  6. Creative Solution Finding
  7. Relational Teaching-Learning
  8. Create a Healing Environment
  9. Caringly Tend Basic Human Needs
  10. Allow for Miracles and Unknowns
16 Character Limit
  1. Pract Love Kind
  2. Instill Hope
  3. Sense to Others
  4. Help Trust Relat
  5. Express Feelings
  6. Create Solutions
  7. Relational Teach
  8. Healing Environ
  9. Tend Human Needs
  10. Allow Miracles